The peppers, that is.

I've wanted to try my hand at growing chilis (or anything, really) for a while now - I've also been an advocate of "go hard, or go home" - so I opted for Trinidad Scorpion chilis. I've tried a few recipes with these bad boys in them in the past, and the heat is toned down by the rest of the ingredients enough that it's palatable for most meals. 🌶🌶🌶

Those seeds are tiny! Four seeds apparently yeilds 1 to 3 plants according to the packaging. Planting now, in late-February, should yeild fruit by September.

It was pretty cheap and easy to set up (small plastic pots, plastic tub with cover, some seeds, and some liquid fertiliser, set us back around 350 Swedish kronor) and until they germinate they're just to be kept moist and around 22 deg C.

Some advice I've heard for getting used to living overseas is to keep oneself occupied with hobbies and interests, so this plays a part in that.

We'll see how the lil' beauts go!