First post.

Howdy. I've wanted to spin up a blog for a while, and give writing a shot. I was initially made curious about giving it a shot whilst listening to a podcast, and the speaker mentioned that writers throw out like, 80% of their words. So far, it's been about right - I rewrote this first post a couple of times.

My intention for the site is somewhat hazy, and I guess we'll see what will materialise. I became pretty eager when I managed to snag the awesome domain name, so that's where this site is hosted. One of my friends directed me to when I asked for a recommendation of a lightweight CMS, so I didn't have to hassle over a Wordpress installation. I'd also planned to refresh my private hosting at some point, so took this as a chance to spin up a nice little Ubuntu VM on Vultr, and deploy things from scratch.

I've been going through a privacy kick, where I've been juggling some stuff in my life to take back a bit of control from the likes of Google and Facebook. (I may make a separate post about those details, to clarify my thoughts moving forward.) That, coinciding with an upcoming, lengthy, trip to Stockholm πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ , has driven me to put some thought into what social media means to me. I'm going to try documenting the trip more thoroughly through this new blog, picking photos carefully, sharing them intentionally and thoughtfully, and describing my experiences.

I was also made quite frustrated at the lack of information online about people's experiences dealing with the Swedish migration agency, Migrationsverket. My experience has been a hassle, and I'd like somewhere to put my thoughts that won't purely annoy my partner, who's been the only recipient so far.

This will be fun, I think. Only 4 days until Stockholm, too. Life is pretty busy.